Woodworking Books

General Woodworking

Woodworking Basics: Mastering the Essentials of Craftsmanship   Author: Peter Korn

Description: “Based on a two-week course in woodworking fundamentals offered at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Camden, Maine, this book takes a traditional approach to teaching, with the idea that learning basic skills is essential to craftsmanship. In the process, the book covers all the bases–from working with hand tools to cutting dovetails. Includes two complete projects: a bench and a small cabinet.”

I own this book and like it very much. It’s one that I keep handy.

The Complete Manual of Woodworking  Author: Alfred Jackson and David Day

Description: “With more than 1,800 drawings, diagrams and photos, this authoritative guide encompasses the whole art and craft of woodworking. Designed to instruct and inspire every woodworker from the beginner to the most exacting expert, it has become a classic. It includes a discussion of all the principal hardwoods and softwoods, how to choose and use hand tools, detailed information on every woodworking technique–jointing, bonding, fastening, laminating, and much more.”

I own this book and it is an excellent woodworking reference manual. You can learn a ton of things just by looking at all of the pictures.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture and Cabinet Construction   Author:  Andy Rae

Description: “Introducing a new woodworking series in the tradition of Tage Frid…a series filled with essential information required by woodworkers today. For the first time ever, all the techniques and processes necessary to craft beautiful things from wood have been compiled into three comprehensive volumes: The Complete Illustrated Guides. Highly visual and written by woodworking’s finest craftsmen, these three titles — Furniture & Cabinet Construction, Shaping Wood, and Joinery — will establish a new standard for shop reference books.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture & Cabinet Construction is the ultimate reference work — a graphic, step-by-step presentation of basic furniture-construction techniques. Expert woodworker Andy Rae brings organization, enthusiasm, and more than 20 years’ experience to this essential book. Readers will acquire a working knowledge of woodworking materials, a higher level of control over their work and tools, and an understanding of basic design principles.”

This is another wonderful book that I own. I don’t sit down and read this book for long stretches at a time. What I do is pick it up often and thumb through it and read it for information in bite sized pieces. There is just no way to describe the amount of information that is in this book. You can learn a lot from this book just by looking at all of the pictures.

The Complete Book of Woodworking: Detailed Plans for More Than 40 Fabulous Projects

Description: “This is the ultimate step-by-step guide to essential woodworking skills, techniques, tools, and tips. It presents a dedicated mailing and e-mail campaign to targeted woodworking and DIY related media.From the principles of basic design to essential woodworking techniques, this comprehensive and easy-to-follow volume provides readers with all the information they need to know to become a master woodworker and have a home full of fine, handmade furnishings.”The Complete Guide to Woodworking” features detailed plans for 40 stunning projects for woodworkers of all levels, plus more than 1,200 step-by-step illustrations.It also includes expert information on workshop set-up and safety, how to use tools, how to make joints, and more.”

I also own this book. It is geared more towards a beginner or intermediate woodworker. It’s a helpful book to help someone get started in woodworking and has a lot of info on tools and setting up shop. The projects are nice and easy enough for a beginner.

The Workbench Book: A Craftsman’s Guide to Workbenches for Every Type of Woodworking   Author: Scott Landis

Everybody needs a workbench because it is an essential piece of equipment if you are going to build anything worth while. This book has all kinds of pictures of various types of workbenches and will tell you all about the material and hardware that you need and how to go about designing and building your own workbench.

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